Capellic has a lofty goal — affect humankind for the better. Whether it be furthering personal liberties, environmental stewardship or helping people discover the arts that inspire them, we want to work with inspiring organizations that are doing good in the world and help them succeed.

Here are some of our some of our favorite projects for organizations doing amazing work…

The 4 Month Website Overhaul with the NISE Network

What do you do when you’ve got 4 months, an immoveable deadline, and a site that needs a visual overhaul? You get it done and make it awesome. We did that an more for the National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Network), which provides materials and guidance for STEM Educators and a network of museum members around the US.

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ASPCAPro Breaks the Redesign Habit

ASPCA’s Professional team had been through 7 redesigns in 13 years. Together with strategy and design partner, Echo & Co., we broke the cycle of redesigns.

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World Animal Protection: Unite for the Herd


Capellic Delivers Stunning Campaign Website for World Animal Protection to shed light on the cruel conditions elephants endure when they are used in tourist attractions.

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USO: Wishbook Catalog

USO’s Wishbook gift catalog needed an update. The Capellic Gift Catalog was just what they were looking for.

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UNICEF Canada: Survival Gifts Catalog

When their existing ecommerce solution wasn’t able to do what UNICEF Canada needed, they realized it was time for a change.  The result was a more flexible, responsive, and easier to administer site. More importantly, UNICEF’s ambitious goals for the 2014 giving season were met.

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World Animal Protection: World Animal Gifts Catalog

World Animal Protection Canada decided it was time to revamp their symbolic giving catalog.   Everything changed including the platform (moved to Capellic Gift Catalog platform),  the design which was now also responsive, and the product offerings.  With five weeks to build it, Capellic was in an all out sprint.  We love the way it turned out and so did World Animal Protection – the site met their goals for the giving season – and they rolled it out to their offices in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.

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Lambda Legal

Lambda Legal reached out to Capellic to revamp their website to make it more user friendly and responsive. The result was and is a fantastical looking responsive website that helps their users quickly get information and resources about issues that matter to them where they live.

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rw-home-mobileYou know those times where you want to get rid of something, but aren’t really sure how to get rid of it the right (and most convenient and least expensive) way? If you live in the bay area, then you should check out  This site is actually a collaboration between several San Francisco Bay area cities and counties that wanted to create an easy way to help people get rid of things the right way.  Search for “can” – you’ll see a note to recycle it. It’s an awesome tool and easily has a spot in our favorites list.  Our team built it several years ago and recently relaunched it to improve its usability and make it accessible for mobile browsers.  The result is a beautiful, responsive design search tool (using Apache Solr, by the way).  Getting rid of stuff the right way has never looked so good!

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iMentor Shareables

We love this microsite. iMentor wanted to create a place to feature their best and most shareable content. In addition to developing a more engaging design, Capellic spent the time to optimize the site for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.  Try it out and you can see it in action. This type of optimization is a standard part of all of our projects.

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