World Animal Protection International needed to shed light on the cruel conditions elephants endure when they are used in tourist attractions. They had recently finalized a report on their work in the area called “Unite for the Herd,” coordinated to launch with an awareness and engagement campaign. At the time they engaged Capellic, the online presence was slated to launch in four weeks, with 12 dedicated country versions using 9 different languages from English to Tagalog. The design was an ambitious slide-scrolling site, inspired by Searching for Syria, which was built by a small dev shop called Google.

Our role was implementation (strategy and design were handled by a partner). We evaluated several approaches, even straight up hard coding it, given how short our timeline was. The thought of tackling last minute language edits sent by their country offices across so many time zones would have driven one or more of our developers mad. We opted for Drupal.  As is often the case, Drupal was the right call.

Each country report had its own subdomain, language, dedicated page, and ability to construct their experience from a series of responsive slides.

The Paragraphs module played a central role. It was a natural fit here due to its modular, component-based architecture. We used the incredible FullPage.js jQuery plugin to give us the slide-like scrolling and sub-slide pop-ups.

We met the deadline and the sites launched worldwide on July 6, 2017. You can watch a screencast of the final result below. We would provide a link, but the campaign is over. Even though the campaign is over, World Animal Protection now has a multilingual campaign generator that can be repurposed and extended at any time. Pretty great!

We are very proud to have worked on such an important issue for such a great organization.  If you would like to support World Animal Protection’s important work, please consider making a donation (or here if you’re in Canada).