Operation Smile is an organization focused on delivering critical cleft palate services across the world. Their website is central to educating potential supporters about who they are and converting supporters into donors. Operation Smile and Capellic have worked as close partners on a variety of projects over the last ten years. So when it was time to redesign their website, they reached out to Capellic to provide essential technical strategy consulting and build its new website.

The Challenge

Having worked with Operation Smile for so many years, we knew that they needed a website that could allow them to adapt and pivot their content as needed while maintaining their brand’s integrity.

The Solution

Capellic architected and built a modular, component-based website that is inherently flexible and allows content editors – without technical or HTML knowledge – to mix and match approved design patterns to develop new content. With their new website and editor tools, Operation Smile staff can quickly publish nearly endless forms of robust and brand-aligned content, without having to spend time or budget to bring developers back for custom-coded solutions to unforeseen needs. The new site is more than the sum of its current content. It’s also a robust toolbox that enables staff to respond in real time to the organization’s and audiences’ needs.

Operationsmile.org also represents the end of a chapter for Capellic. It is the last site we built as a custom “one off”. It was our most complete culmination of many years of thought and solutions, and as such, spurred the creation of JumpStart, which provides a much more cost effective and feature-rich starting point for every website that we have started since.

I had inherited a website in need of extensive functionality enhancements, design updates, backend clean-up, and overall strategic governance. Capellic worked with us through every step of the process to ensure we were getting what we needed, when we needed it, without breaking the bank or compromising our bigger picture. They were proactive in securing our site, identifying opportunities for long-term flexibility, and provided practical options for when budget contradicted vision. I would recommend Capellic to any organization looking for a deeply experienced, strategic technical partner. They were a pleasure to work with and would enjoy the opportunity to engage with them in another large project in the future.

— Aimee Berniard, Chief of Staff, Development
Operation Smiler