Webinar: Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Change Management on Your Next Redesign

March 27 at 2pm ET
Join us as we talk about one of the most overlooked, but most critical parts of a site redesign – change management. UNICEF Canada’s Director of Business Solutions, Daniel Constable, and Echo & Co.’s CEO Graziella Jackson will join Capellic’s Evan Blackford and me in a discussion about change management and making your next redesign a success. Please register here.

Webinar: Gasp! BBMS Meets Drupal

April 24 at 1pm ET
Blackbaud Merchant Services can now integrate with Drupal AND it’s straightforward to do. Join Capellic on a technical dive into integrating with Blackbaud’s payment system. Please register here.

Webinar: How to Get Started with Data-driven Decision Making

May 22 at 1 pm ET
Overwhelmed with how to get started? You don’t need to be. Join ASPCA’s Brenna Jennings, Lambda Legal’s Kristina Villarini, and Capellic’s Evan Blackford as they discuss simple ways to start down the path of making data-driven decisions. Please register here.

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