What do you get when you merge peer-to-peer fundraising and gift catalogs together?  A dynamic new way to fundraise through a group of donors contributing towards a meaningful gift!  What makes it such a powerful way to fundraise?  Here are three ways:

    Symbolic gift catalogs have been a great fundraising tool for many nonprofits because in the process of supporters “giving” a gift, those supporters are extending the reach of the brand, exposing the work they do beyond their core supporters.Extending organizational reach and getting new donors is also a core reason that many organizations use peer-to-peer giving tactics to fundraise as well. Supporters and event participants actively do the fundraising on the organization’s behalf.Capellic’s Gift Catalog brings that same peer-to-peer giving practices to gift catalogs. Give supporters the ability to talk to their friends, families, and co-workers to buy a symbolic gift together. Now you have a way to meet brand new donors!
    One of the wonderful things about symbolic gift catalogs is that they are overwhelmingly about the organization’s mission. The are almost always representative of the work they do. Unlike other peer-to-peer giving methods, symbolic gift catalogs won’t lose sight of what an organization is all about.
    Most people know how to shop on an online catalog. And, by this point, a good chunk of people have also participated in a peer-to-peer giving activity whether it’s supporting someone marathon training or some other event. So even though we haven’t seen any other catalog bring eCommerce and peer-to-peer fundraising together in this way, it will seem as straightforward as buying a book on Amazon.

Now see how it works:


First, a nonprofit (maybe yours) organization identifies the gifts supporters can make into a Group Gift, configures donation amounts, chooses relevant funds, etc.


Then you encourage your fantastic supporters to create group gifts for the holidays, a birthday, retirement, wedding, Talk Like a Pirate Day, whatever they want.  They create their group gifts, choose event dates, whether or not someone should receive ecards when the gifts are fully funded, and add their personal appeals.

Next group gift creators spread the word to their networks – directing people to their custom group gift pages to contribute towards the group gift.


When the gift is fully funded, the gift recipient (if designated) receives an ecard on the event date. Hooray!

And your organization just reached new people it may never have reached on its own!

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You can learn more about Capellic’s Gift Catalog here.