Catalogs are unique in that many organizations frequently have offline catalogs and call centers or dedicated call in lines to take orders. Tracking is critical. So that’s why we threw some love in the direction of site administrators as we put many of the administrative tools together.

Mail-in / Phone Order Interface

  • Quick giving list of products to quickly add products to cart.
  • Track orders by source (print, phone, other) and by agent.
  • Customize ecards and print cards.
  • Run transactions.
  • All orders get added to the primary fulfillment house and RE exports


  • Easily create dedicated campaign pages
  • Make it a match:  Campaigns can have 2x match, 3 x match, or no match.  If you use the impact counter, all associated products’ impact values will be doubled accordingly.
  • Custom match icon:  Your match icon will overlay over any matched product.
  • Company match:  Campaigns can be associated with a company if relevant.  This campaign page can then be shared with the company for their internal fundraising purposes.


  • Fully or partially refund orders
  • Easily update and resend emails sent to ecard recipients if donor made a data entry mistake.’
  • Regenerate tax receipt
  • Easily update donor billing information
  • Generate exports for easy import into Raiser’s Edge


  • Search & Sharing:  Control how each page (including the home page) and product gets shared on Facebook, Twitter, and search engines. Control and optimize images, page titles, and page/product descriptions.
  • Add multiple product images
  • Add product videos
  • Add additional background about the gift for donors who are interested in more information about how the product fits into what your organization does.
  • Update durable copy in the header and footer without having to code.

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