Gift catalogs are a meaningful, unique, and powerful way for nonprofits to fundraise.  The Capellic Nonprofit Catalog platform is built for the myriad of ways nonprofits fundraise whether it’s a traditional gift catalog, peer-to-peer giving, corporate sponsorship, or some other way we haven’t thought of.

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impact-counter-productCommunicate the Donor’s Impact with an Impact Counter

Create a deeper connection with your donors by letting them see the real world impact of their donations.

ecardGet the Donation AND Extend Your Reach

When supporters donate by buying virtual gifts, they are donating on behalf of a friend, family member, or colleague as a gift. Donors who opt to send cards, whether eCard or printed, extend your organizations reach – introducing your Organization and it’s work to new potential supporters.

storytelling-topExplore Story Telling to Drive Donations

Nonprofit catalogs are not about products, they are about your mission. Use Advanced Pages to create stories about what you do and weave opportunities to give throughout the story in ways you can’t do anywhere else.

Read more about storytelling with Capellic Gift Catalogs.

Fundraise All Year with Peer-to-P2P-toolsPeer Fundraising

Get your most dedicated supporters and donors involved year round by giving them the ability to raise money year-round with Wish Lists and Group Gifts.

Wish Lists allow supporters to create lists of gifts for others to buy on their behalf. A great idea for graduations, wedding registries, birthdays, and more.

Ready more about Wish Lists with Capellic Gift Catalogs.

Group Gifts allow a group of people to join raise money to purchase a gift. Challenge your supporters to create group gifts where funds are needed most.  Read more about Group Gifts with Capellic Gift Catalog.

match2Create More Opportunities for Sponsorship

Development officers and sponsors love gift catalogs because they are great for match campaigns. We’ve given them even more to love by providing tools to quickly build match campaigns, build and test alternate landing page experiences, and create a customized experience for sponsor’s employees. Sponsor match can be displayed giving donors a real-time indication of the financial impact of their donation.

Rapidly Test and Optimize

Need to test out alternative landing pages for a Google Adwords campaign or email marketing campaign? No problem. Create new landing pages easily to test out different approaches, copy, and imagery. Our platform also integrates with Optimizely.

Make Your Database Team Happy

We’ve built our catalog to play in the sandbox with other systems including CRMs and donor databases like Raiser’s Edge.

Other Features

  • Design customized
  • Donor Accounts
  • Responsive design
  • Raiser’s Edge reports
  • Intuitive eCards, print cards,  PDF cards
  • Social integration (not just social links)
  • Call center or temporary staff order interface
  • Order refunds and partial refunds
  • Redeem gift cards
  • Individual / Company donations
  • Premiums
  • Discounts
  • Auditable Tax receipts
  • Fulfillment house files
  • A/B Testing via Optimizely
  • Google Analytics for commerce
  • Fundraising dashboard
  • Save card

Learn about administrative features here.

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