Gift catalogs are a meaningful, unique, and powerful way to fundraise.  Over the last decade Capellic’s team has built and managed many nonprofit white label ecommerce.  Although the web and ecommerce was evolving the tools available to nonprofits were not.  So we built our own – a modern ecommerce platform.  The Capellic Nonprofit Catalog is built for how nonprofits use their stores today and will likely use them tomorrow. They are integrated with Facebook and Twitter, allow for recurring gifts, gift cards, and have a more intuitive mechanism for connecting purchases with ecards, print cards, and PDFs.  Interested in learning more?

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Our Favorite Features

Impact Calculator

Let your donors and gift recipients know just how much of an impact their gifts will have. Donors see the number go up with each item they add to their cart and the total impact at the end of the transaction.

Group Gifts

What do you get when you mix ecommerce and peer-to-peer fundraising?  A dynamic and totally new way to raise money online.

Recurring Gifts and Products

Why limit donors to buying a one time gift? Add a product that allows donors to keep giving as long as they want.


Save your card

Make the donation process a bit faster by letting your donors save their card for future purchases.


Make it Multi-lingual

Our catalog is currently available in both English and French.


Buy This AND That

Ever wanted to encourage donors to buy two gifts that go together?  Well, we made that easy.

And The Things You Should Expect

Oddly enough the things you’ll expect probably aren’t available on most nonprofit ecommerce solutions.

  • Donor Account
  • Matching Campaigns
  • Responsive design
  • Raiser’s Edge reports
  • Intuitive ecards, print cards,  PDF cards
  • Social integration (not just social links)
  • Call center or temporary staff order interface
  • Order refunds and partial refunds
  • Redeem gift cards
  • Individual / Company donations
  • Auditable Tax receipts
  • Fulfillment house files
  • A/B Testing via Optimizely
  • Google Analytics for commerce
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly fundraising dashboard
  • Paypal Integration

Plus a bunch more. For a demo, contact us at

Learn more about administrative features here.

With More Coming Soon

Wish Lists

Donors can create wish lists and share them with friends who can then buy them.

Gift of the Month

Gifts that give throughout the year!

Just the beginning

And we’re just getting started! Interested in a demo? Contact us at

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We’ll walk you through the user experience and the administrative screens so you can see how you manage it on a day to day basis. You can check out a demo site here as well.