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Thought We'd Share

We get to work with a lot of nonprofits and there are no shortage of great challenges that we tackle in the process. So we've created this space to share some of the neat things we've learned along the way that we thought you might find interesting (and dare we say useful) too.

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The Power of Retrospectives

Retrospectives can be transformative for an organization, company, or process. In this post we talk about why you should consider implementing them (or revisiting them if you've tried them before) and a few key take-aways for making them work.
Mobile performance when YouTube embed doesn't have a facade

Add a facade image for YouTube videos to improve performance

In this demonstration we look at what happens when we embed a YouTube video on a web page and then how to fix the performance problems that it brings. You'll be surprised by how much embedded YouTube videos hurt performance and how easy it is to solve it.
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Create an EasyCron job for every Pantheon multidev

We automated the creation of Easycron jobs when building a new Pantheon multidev.
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Developing Drupal websites in the cloud using Gitpod

This tutorial is a guide for getting you rolling with developing Drupal websites in the cloud.
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The Promise of Cloud Development Environments for Boosting Developer Satisfaction, Code Quality and Efficiency

A developer can now create a branch and launch a workspace from a Jira ticket. Within minutes they’re able to get to work. A cloud-based development environment also means they can be actively working on multiple tickets in multiple workspaces with unique database states, a workflow that is tedious on a local development environment.
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How do we migrate the content when the content format and rules are changing? Legacy Mode!

But these pages were published in the old site, with the old design, with the old content strategy. Any given page may have content design patterns that aren’t supported in the new site, often implemented by pasting HTML right into the body field. What to do about this?
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A harrowing tale of a spambot attack: How to use Cloudflare to defend your website against bad bots

It started with an S-O-S from Operation Smile. Their contact form was getting slammed by a spambot, and they had a mess on their hands. We had to shake this bot ASAP!
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20% Lift in Donor Conversions? Yep!

Capelilc's Conversion Engine lifted donor conversions by a stunning 20%!
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Ohio Legal Help’s website helps balance the scales for low income Ohioans

Ohio Legal Help was launched with the purpose of providing accessible legal help for low income Ohioans.