Capellic is looking for a professional, highly self motivated, freelance/consultant engineer with experience building large Drupal websites. Candidates must be capable of working independently/remotely, have good communications skills, play well with other developers and clients, and do what it takes to get the job well on time. Candidates will be expected to bring creative solutions to the table so that we can deliver the best websites and service to our clients.

Our approach to building out the front-end of websites is to introduce as few dependencies as possible. Dependencies introduce obscurity and more code increases risk as well as the time it takes manage that risk which in turn increases regression issues and the total cost of site ownership for our clients. We opt to build the front-end stack from data retrieval to browser rendering with EntityFieldQuery, Database API, View Modes, PHPTemplate hooks and template files. This approach gets more site configuration into code without having to deal with the less favorable aspects of modules such as Features. Of course we still use modules like Views and Panels but prefer to minimize our dependence on them.

New York City metro area based developers highly desired, but San Diego and San Francisco also OK.

Skills and Experience

Required Skills

Deep experience with Drupal 6.x and 7.x site building of large and highly customized websites including:

  • General module installation, configuration
  • Module development to meet specific project needs
  • Ability to audit contributed modules based on business requirements to determine if it should be adopted or if writing a custom module is more efficient
  • Familiarity with Entity Reference for abstracted data modeling
  • Understanding of Field Collections for efficient data component modeling
  • Experience building Views including hook and template overrides
  • Experience using Form API for building custom forms

Significant theming skills including:

  • View Modes in code (without Display Suite)
  • PHPTemplate hooks and templates
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Drupal Behaviors
  • Mobile first

Experience building interfaces to third-party APIs (Convio, E-Activist a plus)

Experience building multi-lingual websites

Desirable Skills

  • Familiarity with Drupal 8
  • Familiarity with Acquia development environments including Dev Desktop
  • Familiarity with using local, development, staging, and production environments along with Git branching and merging
  • Varnish (selective purging), experience with Acquia a plus
  • Drupal Commerce
  • Panels
  • Drupal Search API and/or Solr Search, Acquia Search
  • Data migration into Drupal or between Drupal versions
  • Experience enabling RDF on websites
  • Experience with deployment scripts
  • Drupal performance optimization (New Relic)
  • Active participation in the Drupal community
  • Automated testing

Professional Qualities

  • Communicative – You’ll be part of a small team so communication is critical. We’re looking for developers that proactively share status information and know when to ask for help
  • Quality – Your code is organized, efficiently created, doesn’t cut design corners, and commented and formatted per Drupal’s coding standards
  • Creative Team Player – Proactively make suggestions on how to do something better and generally engages in discussions about best practices
  • Concise Documentation – You create enough documentation to be clear, but not so much that it never gets read

Please provide the following information:

  • Portfolio/resume including websites you have built and your role on the project
  • Code examples
  • Modules/themes you have built or use regularly
  • Links to any relevant blog post, recipes or tutorials you have written
  • Desired compensation

About Capellic

Capellic is a consulting and Drupal technical services agency founded in 2002 serving medium and large nonprofits. From website implementation to social media strategy, Capellic works with nonprofits to use the internet whether accessed via a desktop, laptop or a smart phone to deliver on their missions more effectively whether it means fundraising, communications, marketing, or advocacy. Our offices are in New York and San Diego.

Our growing team brings extensive experience in marketing, design, communications, social media, Drupal, Convio/Blackbaud/Sphere, smart phone development and advocacy.

Please email us at joinus[at]capellic[dot]com with the requested information above.