Capellic Gift Catalog New Features

Our updates this month are about putting you in more control of your site and improving how you run campaigns.

Many creative enhancements and improvements come directly from clients’ feedback, and we find this to be invaluable to keep CGC running, optimally. Thank you and keep those tickets coming!

Unleash Your Next Group Gift

The Group Gift feature, which allows users to contribute towards a larger gift, is one of the more popular fundraising techniques that our clients use. The tangible goal, the donor list, the variable pricing levels all make Group Gifts a powerful campaign tool. It’s always had a constraint that limited its utility – once the gift goal was met, donors could no longer donate towards it. This made sense when we built it – if a Well requires $600 worth of donations, what would the amount over that do? In practice, this was a constraint that didn’t make sense. People just want to give and, really, should we shut down giving? No, of course not.  So we removed the constraint! 

So for your next campaign let your Group Gift run. You no longer have to worry about changing the gift’s price!  

Quick heads up, this capability is currently turned off on most client sites. If you would like us to turn it on, please let us know and we’ll flip the switch for you.

Control Communication About Your Cards

2020 made it crystal clear that the message that describes cards and when/if they will ship (shown on the cart page) should be in your control, not ours. So we changed it!

Now you can edit shipping dates and basic card information (e.g., defining what an ecard is).  Here’s how. From the Control Panel, click the link to edit taxonomy. Click on “Greeting Card Types” taxonomy vocabulary – this will show you the list of card types. Click edit next to the one of which you want to change.  Change it and save. Voila, you’re done!

Quick (but very important caveat): You can change the default description, but do not change the name of the taxonomy term (e.g., eCard). It can cause problems in the system. Description = Good. Title = bad.

Catalog Maintenance

Drupal Core was updated from Version 7.77 to 7.78 on Monday, March 15, 2021.