Why you should use Gift Catalog’s Campaign feature for your nonprofit’s next fundraising campaign

Campaigns are a versatile feature designed to let you be more creative and run with your next great idea whether it’s for a match campaign, general fundraising campaign, or a sponsor’s employee giving page.

We’ve packed a lot of amazing features into Capellic Gift Catalog’s ‘Campaign’ feature. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

We all like goals!

Give your donors (or potential donors) something to strive for whether it is a monetary goal (launched in September!):


or an impact goal


Corporate Sponsorship Can Be A Lot Better

Employee Giving

Campaigns don’t have to take over the entire website. Create targeted campaigns for specific uses such as employee giving campaigns. Give your sponsor a goal, give them their custom URL, and set them loose. Any product purchased on the site will get attributed to the campaign. See how Capellic client, The Smith Family, used Campaigns successfully last year for their employee giving initiatives.

Teams are Fun…and Effective

Build out teams for your corporate sponsors (or fundraisers). Now anything they buy in the catalog get attributed to both the Campaign (or corporate sponsor) and the Team. Boom!


It’s super easy – when editing your campaign, just set the “Goal Mode” to “Monetary” and then add your goal.

Status Updates to Your Sponsors Are Easy (and Informative!)

Most corporate sponsors like to know how things are going. Add emails addresses for the people (including internal staff) who need to be notified:


Each night, the catalog will send a report of how the campaign did. It will break the numbers down too!


And that’s just the first table. There are a couple more and a spreadsheet with granular detail (but no personally identifiable information, of course).

Create a Match Campaign

Is your corporate sponsor interested in a match campaign? Go ahead and make that happen. You can make set the match to double or triple the donor’s gift. Let the donor see the match increase while they shop in real time.


Easily Test Landing Pages

Although campaigns have their own pages in the catalog, you can quickly set-up special landing pages via “Advanced pages” to test different approaches, copy, and imagery. “Advanced Pages” allow you to easily drag and drop page components to create your landing page or tell a story. The world is your oyster!

See how Holt International used Advanced Pages to increase catalog revenue by 70%.

You Can Easily Let People Know the Campaign is Running


You can turn on the alert at any time and it will display everywhere (except any targeted campaigns you’ve set up). Add in the campaign logo or corporate sponsor’s logo, if you want. You don’t need to know HTML.

Campaigns Can Have Dedicated Order Complete Pages

Campaigns are special. When people give towards it, the messaging and experience should be different.


You Can Set It All Up With No HTML

Just like Advanced Page, you can add and organize the components you need without HTML.

So what are you waiting for?! Get started! (Need a quick tutorial, fill out the form below and we can help get you started.)

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