Beary Creative: Our Favorite Names for Our Giant Bear

NTC and AFP attendees stepped up to the challenge last year with some amazing bear names, but can they name our unicorn?

2017 was a rough year in so many ways. But it was a great year for naming giant teddy bears! We dragged a giant teddy bear to both the Nonprofit Technology Conference and the AFP-International conference and threw the challenge out to attendees to name the bear. The creativity was – how shall I say – un-bear-lievable (sorry, had to do it). Between the two conferences, over 200 names were submitted.

And, of course, the bear was also available for hugs:


What I didn’t expect was the noticeable difference between submissions at the two conferences.

NTC submissions were all about the puns, with names like F. Scott Fitzbearald (my personal favorite), Beary Spears, and Bearoncé.

AFP submissions were all about tie-ins with Capellic or the conference, with names like Symbearic Catalog, Sr Oso Grande de San Francisco, and Beary Long Conference.

That’s not to say that some names weren’t popular at both (looking at you “Beary McBear Face” and “Bear Grillz”). But on the whole, the differences were noticeable and awesome. It reinforced our mantra here that different viewpoints are critical to get the best ideas to surface.


With that said, here is our list of our favorite bear names from last year:

Pop Culture

Bearye West
Samuel Bear Jackson
Beary Spears
Beary Potter

The Classics

Beary White
Beary Manilow
Baloo (NTC Winner!)


F. Scott Fitzbearald

And the Literal


Conference/Capellic Connection

Symbearic Catalog
Sr Oso Grande de San Francisco
Beary Long Conference

Because awesome

Mr. Fuzzy Pants

We’ll be at NTC this year with a very large unicorn desperately in need of a name. Stop by Booth 202 and give it your best shot!