How The Smith Family found a new and powerful way to engage its corporate sponsors

Employee giving campaigns just got a whole lot more interesting!

The Smith Family (TSF) is one of Australia’s largest children’s charities. The Toy & Book campaign is one of their most important year-end fundraising activities. It has a big corporate sponsor employee giving component, where businesses across Australia create goals and encourage their employees to help them meet them

When TSF reached out to Capellic to help, it was already using Capellic’s gift catalog platform for its Joyspreader symbolic giving store.  They wanted to create a similar but separate experience for the Toy & Book campaign. We spun up a second instance and a few weeks later TSF launched its new Toy & Book catalog.

Year 1 was all about learning how to use a catalog in an employee giving context. Year 2 (last year), was about taking it to the next level. We worked with TSF to streamline the entire employee giving experience and generally make it more awesome and customized, with greater ability to visually demonstrate donor impact. So we did!

progress-meterWe started by overhauling our “Campaign” pages – they weren’t flexible enough to meet various use cases and client needs not only for employee giving, but for campaigns more broadly.  Luckily we had a model to work from – our Advanced Pages.

Now that our campaign pages were more flexible, we had to build in key campaign-specific features like the ability to set up match campaigns, progress meters, campaign specific order completion pages, site-wide campaign for the general audience, or a targeted campaign for a specific audience. We even added the ability for teams to raise money for a campaign, or compete against other teams.


To top it all off, we built out a daily email summarizing how the campaign (or, in TSF’s case, corporate sponsor’s employee giving effort) was doing, including the company’s impact, amount raised, total orders, etc. for the last day, week, month, and from the beginning of the campaign.  All of this was designed to allow campaigns to better run themselves once they start and let the Partnerships team to spend time getting sponsors engaged to help them raise more.

This basic infrastructure not only allowed TSF to create dedicated experiences for corporate sponsors, but set the stage for us to create more immersive experiences for employees as they navigated around the site. For example, with the presence of a simple parameter in the website address, we adjusted the header and various site elements in subtle ways just for that company.

Do you have sponsors that could use some TLC, or just a new toolset to bring value to your partnership? Drop us a line, and we can talk through these and many other options with you!