What’s better than an 11% lift in revenue? A 70% lift in revenue!

Holt International approached Capellic and Focused in 2016 to breath life back into its symbolic gift catalog program – Gifts of Hope. In its first year with our two teams’ help, Holt saw an increase in revenue of 11% during the giving season. But that was nothing compared to the 2017’s giving season – when revenue jumped by a whopping 70%.

Holt International’s catalog program included (and includes) both an online catalog and print catalog. Their online catalog was 8 years old and had been built in house, and revenue had remained flat for the past 2 years.

The Holt team engaged Focused to take a deep dive into the program with the goal of improving ROI and increasing overall cart value per donor. Focused analyzed the entire program from production to promotion with an emphasis on product revenue, promotional strategy and online experience.

While the catalog’s mix of products was solid, the promotional strategy and online experience needed revitalization. The first step was to identify products with the top ROI, and move them to the forefront of the print catalog, email and online. The one big issue? The in-house platform didn’t allow for easy customization of the online experience. Holt needed a turnkey solution that integrated with their current platforms and process, which is why Focused brought in Capellic.

Capellic handled online implementation with its gift catalog platform. Capellic had less than a month to get the site up and running. We had the catalog up and themed within two weeks. The site was operational within the month.

In the second year, Holt began to embrace the new tools unique to Capellic’s platform – like Group Gifts, Storytelling with Advanced Pages, and more. By creating special gift guides and “best of” advanced pages, Holt was able to engage their donors year-round. Strategically chosen “add on” gifts were also utilized to increase the overall cart value.

The result was, well, everything. And we can’t wait for this year’s giving season and all the giving opportunities between now and then.