Hello Wish Lists!

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Wish Lists in the Capellic Gift Catalog platform.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, wish lists are collections of products created by your users that friends and family can buy on their behalf.

Why Wish Lists are an Important Part of Catalog Fundraising

1.  Wish lists provides value throughout the year
Wish lists provide a way to get more out of your catalog beyond the year end giving season (although it works great for that too).  Your supporters can use wish lists  to create virtual registries for weddings or baby showers, provide an alternative to traditional birthday gifts, or set-up an opportunity to raise money in a creative way.

2. People are kinda over “stuff”
It’s clear that there is a general shift against collecting more stuff.  Pair that with a generational shift in the approach to social responsibility and its clear that providing more ways for people to support important causes in a social way is critical.

3. It extends your brand
Like many peer-to-peer activities, wish lists create opportunities to develop brand ambassadors in a way that clearly communicates the important work that your organization does.

How it Works


Once your organization decides to turn on the Wish List feature, then a link like the one above immediately appears on all symbolic gift products in the store.  Of course, our wish lists are fully responsive and will work on all devices.

First time users must create an account in order to start their wish lists.  Once they’ve registered they can customize the name of the wish list, who it’s for, the appeal to give, and whether or not they want to receive notifications as items are bought from the list.   They can then add as many products as they want to the wish list.



Once they’ve set up their wish list they can start spreading the word or create another list as such:

location of link to create a new wish list

And like everything else in our catalogs, you have full control over the language presented to your supporters.

admin console

Capellic clients can activate Wish Lists at any time. This is a standard feature now available in all Capellic Gift Catalogs.