Crop Images *AFTER* They Are Uploaded

By admin
Feb 06, 2010
This is a quick screencast of the ImageField Crop module which allows you to crop images after you upload them via ImageField.  And, it's not a destructive crop.  Just edit the node and you can re-crop the image from the original upload.  Very cool indeed.



Did you create a custom module for the "Justify" for the image or is that a module available on Great work, fyi...

It's not a module. It's a

It's not a module. It's a CCK field. I "hide" it on the field display settings form and then, in my node.tpl.php file, I add the value of that field to the div class. Then I float it either right or left in the CSS file.

This video can not be viewed

This video can not be viewed on Windows 7, it would be much appreciated if someone could supply another link to the ImageField Crop field example?


Can you see the video here?

Can you see the video here?

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Great job... Thank you very

Great job... Thank you very much

Great screencast but...

Nice demo there :D

But I have a question, when you scroll down at the end of the movie, I see a different control called Progress Indicator. What is that? From what module? Just curious :)

Do you mean the "Please

Do you mean the "Please wait..." string that replaces the submit button? If so, that's the Hide Submit Button module:

Not exactly. I meant the

Not exactly. I meant the PROGRESS INDICATOR option with radio button (not control, sorry) under MINIMUM RESOLUTION FOR IMAGES text field. :)

Upload Progress

Oh, that! I don't the the specifics, but FileField will show a progress bar if your server PHP configuration supports it -- or if you have the PECL uploadprogress extension enabled.

You can see if your server supports it by vising your status page (admin/reports/status). You will see an item titled, "Upload progress." My status says, "Your server is not capable of displaying file upload progress. File upload progress requires PHP be run with mod_php and not as FastCGI."

While my PHP config doesn't support it, apparently they have the PECL extension enabled because the upload progress widget works on my website.

Ah, PECL. No wonder that

Ah, PECL. No wonder that control doesn't show up on my settings page. Thanks for the info. The Hide Submit Button module was a good treat, too. :D

multiple images

Awesome module! And a great way to present it, thanks.

Imagefield crop can only be used for one single image per node though, right? Or you can have more if you define multiple imagefields within the content type?


I don't know, you'll have to

I don't know, you'll have to consult the issue queue or take 15 seconds to experiment.

Cropped Imaged not shown

Hi, thanks for the explanation. I've installed image_crop and seems to be working since I can edit a image a select the crop area and then save it. But, when I see the node, the whole original image is shown. My question is, how do you d to show the cropped image in the node instead of the original one? I've tried by changing values for the filed in "display fields" of the content type to "Image" o to "Image with link" and it always shows the original image. I've also tried to create a view with the image field to test if there is some kind of option to show original image or cropped one but it also shows the original one.

I've never had that problem.

I've never had that problem. Try looking in the issue queue for the module.


Very nice module and good screen cast.

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